Where to Find Your Favorite Coffee Fix in San Diego?

San Diego is undoubtedly one of the slowest places in the US to have caught up with the crafted coffee boom. But when it did, it did it in style. Today, most of the county’s busy places are dotted with coffee shops belonging to some major players and local roasters. Renowned brands such as Dark Horse and Bird Rock have opened numerous stores all over the county serving San Diegans with a variety of specialty coffees.

If you are new in San Diego and wondering where to go for your early morning caffeine fix, the following list of top coffee shops in San Diego can help you.


Ironsmith Coffee Roasters

Though a small one, this hipster themed coffee bar is one of the most prominent cafes in Encinitas. It is well-known for its quick service without compromising on quality. The most important feature of Ironsmith is that the entire coffee-making process is managed by a pre-programmed computer. This is the reason behind its quick delivery and uncompromising quality. The beans are imported from popular coffee growing destinations such as Colombia and Guatemala. Once the roasting and grinding process is complete, these grains are turned into smooth and silky expressos, which have made Ironsmith Coffee Roasters so popular in this part of San Diego. It’s protected by a well built fence done by a San Diego fence contractor. Simply put, this coffee bar is nothing less than a paradise for coffee crawlers.

Zumbar Coffee & Tea

Owned and operated by a San Diegan, Steve Rale, Zumbar Coffee & Tea is one of the oldest coffee roasters in San Diego. Since it began operating in early 2003, the coffee bar has always sourced its raw materials and beans from the local farmers and vendors. This is one of the reasons behind its popularity. Today, Zumbar operates in three prime locations of Cardiff. Apart from the regular expressos, the coffee bar also serves specialty drinks such as French Press and highly caffeinated Nitro Cold Brew. If you are a fan of strong caffeine fixes, Zumbar Coffee & Tea will not disappoint you!

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

One of the top players in the specialty coffee business, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, is not only popular in San Diego, but in the neighboring counties as well. La Jolla, where the coffee makers opened their first store, has become a popular tourist destination, so you know how popular it is!

Here you can find some of the rarest coffee blends made from beans such as the Kenyan Thiruku Peaberry and the Bird Rock’s Monkey Bite, which can’t be found in any other coffee shops. Expert baristas roast and grind these rare beans to perfection before using them in their pour-over method to bring you the best of the blends. Apart from customized caffeine fixes, instant expressos are also available for Broadway commuters. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is where you must be if you are a coffee lover raring to taste some of the rarest and finest coffee blends.

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