Top 2 Most Popular Coffee Stores In Redondo Beach

One of the top tourist destinations in the Greater Los Angeles area, Redondo Beach, is famous for its two main beaches, North and South Redondo Beaches. The long stretches of clean white sands, crystal clear waters and tranquil atmosphere make Redondo Beach a perfect place for early morning strollers. Also, these beaches, with surfing friendly waves, are equally famous for surfers across the country.

Top 2 Redondo Beachfront Cafes

Irrespective of whether you are a surfer or a morning walk lover, local or a tourist, if you love to have a coffee staring at the pristine blue waters of Redondo Beach, below mentioned top two beachfront coffee houses are just for you!

Roman Aroma Caffe

Roman Aroma Caffe is the only authentic Italian coffee house in the entire Los Angeles County. Located on 901 N. Catalina Ave, the coffee bar, which is just about four years old, has already attracted numerous Italian coffee lovers in the Redondo Beach neighborhood. Owned and operated by a native Italian, Francesco Martone, the interiors of the cafe are designed to represent the true Italian vibe and the menu, to recreate the true Italian flavor and style.

Apart from serving a variety of Italian coffee fixes, including its signature drink Espresso Marocchino, the bar also offers some of the home-made native Italian dishes such as Cannoli and savory delicacies like Panini and Tramezzini. So, if you are a true fan of Italian coffee and food and want to taste them in a relaxed atmosphere by the beach, Roman Aroma Caffe is where you want to be.  

The Boy and The Bear

The Boy and the Bear is yet another new beachfront Redondo Beach coffee store, which opened its doors to visitors in 2017. Though relatively new to the business, the store has become quickly popular in South Bay because of its commitment to bring in the “third wave of coffee” to the coffee lovers. It only uses single-origin Colombian beans specially grown for the store in three separate farms. The beans thus collected are roasted and grounded in-house under the supervision of expert baristas. This makes sure that the customers taste the same unique Colombian bean flavor every time they visit the bar.

Apart from serving delicious caffeine fixes, The Boy and the Bear also sells selected coffee beans imported from Colombia to its customers who love to brew their coffee. As far as the shop’s ambiance is concerned, the interiors are sleek and cozy, and the exteriors, including the beach patio, are whimsical. Altogether, if you are a person who loves to enjoy a fine cup of coffee while admiring the scenic beauty of Redondo Beach, look no further than The Boy and the Bear coffee shop located on the 350 N. Pacific Coast Highway.

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