Sit Stay Café, Huntington Beach – The Perfect Beach Café For Strollers And Dog Lovers

Sit Stay Café is one of the oldest and most popular coffee shops in the Huntington Beach neighborhood. Established more than 25 years ago, the store still firmly stands by its good old traditions, which is used to follow when first opened. Irrespective of whether you are a regular or a new customer, Sit Stay Café offers you the same warm welcome and allows you to relax in a friendly atmosphere while sipping on one of their signature drinks.

Unique Book Exchange Library

Partially constructed by Huntington Beach concrete contractor, apart from serving delicious personalized coffees and mouthwatering food, Sit Stay Café also provides its customers with a unique book reading facility. A small library containing various books that are either donated or are left behind by the customers in exchange for another book sits in the corner of the lounge. If you are a book lover, you can sit and enjoy your favorite book in the library over a nice cup of coffee.

Casual and Friendly Staff

Staff at Sit Stay Café are customer friendly and are not so particular about what you are wearing. So, if you are out on a morning walk and are dressed only in your shorts, you can still enter the café and have your favorite latte. There is no need for you to go home and then change to come here. Visitors often stroll into the cafe in their pajamas or flip-flops to enjoy the ultra-casual and friendly atmosphere the place offers!

A Great Place for Dog Owners and Lovers

If you are in the middle of taking your dog on a morning walk and are feeling the urgency of an early morning caffeine dosage, just stop by the Sit Stay Café and satisfy your urge. Yes, you got it right! Walk your dog straight into the café and let your four-legged friend stretch out on one of the outdoor seats provided for them, while you are with your caffeine intake. 

Sit Stay Café is one of those rare places which welcomes customers along with their dogs. The outdoor patio with special seats is a great place for your best friend to play around and make friends with other four-legged visitors. And who knows, you too may meet some of the fellow dog owners and make some new friends!  

Apart from providing a fun atmosphere for dogs, the dog-friendly staff of the café also provide freshwater bowls for them to drink after a playful session.     

Sit Stay Café’s delicious coffee blends and amazing food coupled with excellent service and pleasant atmosphere of the nearby beach, make it a perfect place to sit and relax. Coming here early in the mornings keeping at bay the everyday hustle and bustle of the busy city life can help you rejuvenate. So, if you are on the lookout for a cool and quiet place to taste some of the best coffee blends in Huntington Beach, Sit Stay Café is where you want to be!

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