Where to Find Great Coffee in Carlsbad Beach?

As it is lovingly called, Carlsbad, or ‘The Village by the Sea,’ is one of the most visited tourist destinations in San Diego County. Irrespective of the season, you can always find the seashores of the Carlsbad beach filled with visitors, most of them being surfers. Numerous specialty cafes have popped up all around the city due to the demands of the increasing tourism industry and meeting expectations of the local’s love for crafted coffee.

If you are a first time visitor to Carlsbad and a coffee admirer, the below list can help you find the bars that serve some of the finest espresso shots and personalized drinks.


Café Ground Up

Owned and operated by an Italian native, now a Carlsbad resident, Gaetano Cicciotti, Café Ground Up mirrors the true vibes of an Italian café. Built with a great concrete pool deck in the back. Though a bit expensive compared to the contemporary expresso shots, the coffee bar still gained popularity, thanks to the locals belonging to the Italian descent. Another reason behind the ever-growing popularity of Ground Up is that it only serves Lavazza Coffee, the most popular coffee brand in Italy. And of course, for the local Americans and American tourists, regulars such as Expressos, Lattes, and Cappuccinos are always available. If you are a coffee crawler and want to taste the best of the Italian coffee, Café Ground Up is your go-to place.          

Where to Find Your Favorite Coffee Fix in San Diego?

San Diego is undoubtedly one of the slowest places in the US to have caught up with the crafted coffee boom. But when it did, it did it in style. Today, most of the county’s busy places are dotted with coffee shops belonging to some major players and local roasters. Renowned brands such as Dark Horse and Bird Rock have opened numerous stores all over the county serving San Diegans with a variety of specialty coffees.

If you are new in San Diego and wondering where to go for your early morning caffeine fix, the following list of top coffee shops in San Diego can help you.


Ironsmith Coffee Roasters

Though a small one, this hipster themed coffee bar is one of the most prominent cafes in Encinitas. It is well-known for its quick service without compromising on quality. The most important feature of Ironsmith is that the entire coffee-making process is managed by a pre-programmed computer. This is the reason behind its quick delivery and uncompromising quality. The beans are imported from popular coffee growing destinations such as Colombia and Guatemala. Once the roasting and grinding process is complete, these grains are turned into smooth and silky expressos, which have made Ironsmith Coffee Roasters so popular in this part of San Diego. It’s protected by a well built fence done by a San Diego fence contractor. Simply put, this coffee bar is nothing less than a paradise for coffee crawlers.

Top 3 Places To Drink Coffee in Long Beach, California

Long Beach, the second biggest city in the L.A County, only next to Los Angeles, is well-known among the people for its famous ocean liner, ‘Queen Mary,’ which now serves as a hotel. However, what many people do not know is that it will soon become a well-known place for its specialty coffee as well. Many renowned roasters have begun their operations in the city quietly, while many more coffee shops are set to launch their operations soon!

If you are a traveler who also happens to be a coffee lover and want to taste the top roasters along the coastal strip of Long Beach, below mentioned coffee guide could help you! 

Sit Stay Café, Huntington Beach – The Perfect Beach Café For Strollers And Dog Lovers

Sit Stay Café is one of the oldest and most popular coffee shops in the Huntington Beach neighborhood. Established more than 25 years ago, the store still firmly stands by its good old traditions, which is used to follow when first opened. Irrespective of whether you are a regular or a new customer, Sit Stay Café offers you the same warm welcome and allows you to relax in a friendly atmosphere while sipping on one of their signature drinks.

Unique Book Exchange Library

Partially constructed by Huntington Beach concrete contractor, apart from serving delicious personalized coffees and mouthwatering food, Sit Stay Café also provides its customers with a unique book reading facility. A small library containing various books that are either donated or are left behind by the customers in exchange for another book sits in the corner of the lounge. If you are a book lover, you can sit and enjoy your favorite book in the library over a nice cup of coffee.

Philz Coffee – The San Francisco’s Favorite Beach Coffee

Only a few people knew when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan decided to get married. The event was discretely planned to avoid all the limelight that comes with a celebrity getting married. The occasion was announced as a throw down party for Priscilla on completing her medical graduation. Even the couples’ parents thought the same until they saw Priscilla and Mark in their wedding dresses!

Mark Zuckerberg’s Trust in Philz

Of the few people who knew about the Silicon Valley’s top-secret were Philz Coffee owner, Phil, and his son Jacob Jaber. Such was Mark’s trust in Phil as a person and as an expert coffee maker. Living up to the expectations of the Social Media Mughal, Phil and Jacob served guests with their best of the blends, which became an instant hit with the attendees. Mark was so impressed with their services that he requested Phil to serve on the postnuptial ceremony.   

Philz Coffee – The Journey

For decades, Philz Coffee has been San Francisco’s little own secret. It all began from a single coffee store in the Jabbers’ Street in 2002, which has now grown to become the Bay Area’s institution for specialty beach coffee. 

When Jacob, the youngest of Phil’s three sons, joined him in 2005, the Philz was a small coffee bar. He encouraged his dad to expand the business. As a result, Philz opened three more branches in San Francisco, along with another one Palo Alto. The expansion came in at the right time as San Francisco was then fast booming into the technology hub of California.

Best Specialty Coffee Stores in Newport Beach

Having an own house in the coastal belt of Newport Beach is a dream for many Californians. Whether they can turn this dream into a reality or not, the dream of coffee lovers in Newport and its visitors is surely turning into a reality. The coastal city, which hardly had any bars serving specialty coffee earlier, is now slowly transforming into a coffee hub of Orange County. With quality coffee bars popping up like mushrooms day in and day out.

If you too are a coffee crawler, below mentioned information on some of the best beachfront coffee bars in Newport Beach could help you find your favorite fix quickly.

Vacancy Coffee

Owned and operated by Bonnie Williams and her partner Olivier, Vacancy Coffee is one of the most celebrated coffee bars in the Newport Beach neighborhood. Located at 6480 on West Coast Highway (WCH) leading to Huntington Beach, this spacious store was originally set up to serve locals who love specialty coffee, which now sells surfboards in tandem. Vacancy orders its beans from renowned roasters such as Toby’s Estate and Common Room Roasters. The ‘take-out coffee section,’ which was added recently to their existing in-house service, sharply increased the customer base of the store. 

Surfers coming to the beach and commuters traveling towards the north in the mornings have started stopping at the store to pick-up their favorite coffee on the go. Also, local joggers and visitors who come to take a casual stroll along the seashore have started to stop by to pick-up their favorite morning caffeine fix.

Top 2 Most Popular Coffee Stores In Redondo Beach

One of the top tourist destinations in the Greater Los Angeles area, Redondo Beach, is famous for its two main beaches, North and South Redondo Beaches. The long stretches of clean white sands, crystal clear waters and tranquil atmosphere make Redondo Beach a perfect place for early morning strollers. Also, these beaches, with surfing friendly waves, are equally famous for surfers across the country.

Top 2 Redondo Beachfront Cafes

Irrespective of whether you are a surfer or a morning walk lover, local or a tourist, if you love to have a coffee staring at the pristine blue waters of Redondo Beach, below mentioned top two beachfront coffee houses are just for you!

Roman Aroma Caffe

Roman Aroma Caffe is the only authentic Italian coffee house in the entire Los Angeles County. Located on 901 N. Catalina Ave, the coffee bar, which is just about four years old, has already attracted numerous Italian coffee lovers in the Redondo Beach neighborhood. Owned and operated by a native Italian, Francesco Martone, the interiors of the cafe are designed to represent the true Italian vibe and the menu, to recreate the true Italian flavor and style.

Apart from serving a variety of Italian coffee fixes, including its signature drink Espresso Marocchino, the bar also offers some of the home-made native Italian dishes such as Cannoli and savory delicacies like Panini and Tramezzini. So, if you are a true fan of Italian coffee and food and want to taste them in a relaxed atmosphere by the beach, Roman Aroma Caffe is where you want to be.  

September 2023

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