Best Specialty Coffee Stores in Newport Beach

Having an own house in the coastal belt of Newport Beach is a dream for many Californians. Whether they can turn this dream into a reality or not, the dream of coffee lovers in Newport and its visitors is surely turning into a reality. The coastal city, which hardly had any bars serving specialty coffee earlier, is now slowly transforming into a coffee hub of Orange County. With quality coffee bars popping up like mushrooms day in and day out.

If you too are a coffee crawler, below mentioned information on some of the best beachfront coffee bars in Newport Beach could help you find your favorite fix quickly.

Vacancy Coffee

Owned and operated by Bonnie Williams and her partner Olivier, Vacancy Coffee is one of the most celebrated coffee bars in the Newport Beach neighborhood. Located at 6480 on West Coast Highway (WCH) leading to Huntington Beach, this spacious store was originally set up to serve locals who love specialty coffee, which now sells surfboards in tandem. Vacancy orders its beans from renowned roasters such as Toby’s Estate and Common Room Roasters. The ‘take-out coffee section,’ which was added recently to their existing in-house service, sharply increased the customer base of the store. 

Surfers coming to the beach and commuters traveling towards the north in the mornings have started stopping at the store to pick-up their favorite coffee on the go. Also, local joggers and visitors who come to take a casual stroll along the seashore have started to stop by to pick-up their favorite morning caffeine fix. Today, Vacancy Coffee has become so popular with locals and tourists that sometimes you will have to wait in a queue before you can get your favorite coffee.

Bad Coffee

What you get at this beachfront coffee bar is exactly the opposite of what the name suggests, a good coffee. It’s a new store, and it is just about two years old. According to Bryant Trinh, the founder of Bad Coffee, “Considering ours is a new establishment, it’s nice to see so many people flocking in from all around the neighborhood. The Newport community is positively insane and full of coffee lovers.” He also says that the name ‘Bad Coffee’ was intentionally chosen to encourage dialogue or two between the visitors.

Trinh had carefully chosen the blends and roasters he wants to serve in his store with a vast experience of working in various coffee shops, including Portola Coffee Roasters. Bad Coffee serves its customers primarily with roasters from Brandywine Coffee, Color Coffee, and King State, which are hard to find, especially in Southern California. So, as a coffee lover, if you want to spend some good time with your coffee on the Newport Beach, ‘Bad Coffee’ located at 1543, Adams Ave can serve the purpose.

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