October 21, 2021

Where to Find Great Coffee in Carlsbad Beach?

As it is lovingly called, Carlsbad, or ‘The Village by the Sea,’ is one of the most visited tourist destinations in San Diego County. Irrespective of the season, you can always find the seashores of the Carlsbad beach filled with visitors, most of them being surfers. Numerous specialty cafes have popped up all around the city due to the demands of the increasing tourism industry and meeting expectations of the local’s love for crafted coffee.

If you are a first time visitor to Carlsbad and a coffee admirer, the below list can help you find the bars that serve some of the finest espresso shots and personalized drinks.


Café Ground Up

Owned and operated by an Italian native, now a Carlsbad resident, Gaetano Cicciotti, Café Ground Up mirrors the true vibes of an Italian café. Built with a great concrete pool deck in the back. Though a bit expensive compared to the contemporary expresso shots, the coffee bar still gained popularity, thanks to the locals belonging to the Italian descent. Another reason behind the ever-growing popularity of Ground Up is that it only serves Lavazza Coffee, the most popular coffee brand in Italy. And of course, for the local Americans and American tourists, regulars such as Expressos, Lattes, and Cappuccinos are always available. If you are a coffee crawler and want to taste the best of the Italian coffee, Café Ground Up is your go-to place.          

October 2021