During the month of May we saw the first glimses of Summer, and here at The Coffee House we celebrated by hosting a series of events. Every Friday the fantastic Scott Wallace joined us with various special guests including Blair Chisholm and Doreen Devore who performed some beautiful acoustic music. Our Saturdays were full with different themed nights. The first week Elphinstone Fiddlers performed some traditional Scottish music, whilst the second week took a different turn as we hosted a Diva night! We were beyond excited as The Elaine Crighton quartet returned for an evening of sweet jazz on the 21st May. Join us for the last week of May as Adam Usmani returns to fill The Coffee House with some jazz and blues music, ending our month of May on a high note!



Saturday 7 May – Elphinstone Fiddlers

On the 7 May The Coffee House welcomed The Elphinstone Fiddlers who joined us for an evening of traditional Scottish music. The Coffee House was packed and the audience were not afraid to clap along to the catchy and vibrant music performed by the group. If you want to hear more of them keep checking this page and check out their facebook page below:


Saturday 14 May – Diva Night

Niall Ford and Andy Kennedy were joined by the diva, Lauren Fekete who took the stage to perform a number of classics such as ‘Fever’, ‘RESPECT’, ‘I will survive’ and many more undeniable diva numbers. An appearance was made by Anna Dowling-Clarke who stirred up the night with a rendition of Bizet’s Habanera and the old time classic ‘Dream a little dream of me.’ Keep an eye out for these Divas as they will certainly make another appearance soon in The Coffee House.

Saturday 21 May – Elaine Crighton Quartet

Last Saturday the wonderful Elaine Crighton and her quartet returned for an evening of saxy, sassy, swinging Jazz. The Coffee House was instantly transported from Gaelic Lane to the streets of Paris in the 30s. The quartet performed various classic numbers such as ‘Black coffee’, ‘Mean to me’ and ‘Misty’. Expect to hear about Elaine Crighton in the near future as she is sure to return to The Coffee House very soon!

Saturday 28 May – Adam Usmani

Adam Usmani is returning for a night of Jazz and Blues at The Coffee House. If you have ever been to one of his gigs before you will know how great the music is that he performs. The ‘King of the Keys’ sure knows how to create a dynamic and unforgettable atmosphere. If you want to know what all the fuss is about join us on the 28 May from 8.30 till midnight. You will certainly be impressed! Check out his page below to find out more about the music he performs.