June at The Coffee House

June is almost here and The Coffee House is excited to announce its events for the month! We are starting with a new appearance by guitarist and singer, Peter Katona, who plays jazz, latin and pop standards. The following week we are joined by Jazz musician, Lewis Benzies, who made an appearance with Elaine Crighton during May. If you cannot make this Jazz event, do not worry! Elaine Crighton will return on the 18th! The last weekend will be a Latin dance night so get your dance shoes ready!


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Saturday 4 June – Peter Katona

It will be the first time that Peter Katona will join us for an evening of acoustic music. Peter plays the guitar and sings jazz, latin and pop standards. Expect to hear classics numbers such as ‘singin in the rain’, ‘Ain’t misbehaving’, and ‘sunny’. We are so excited to welcome Peter into The Coffee House and can’t wait to hear his wonderful music. See you there!
Click on the link below for further details on Peter.

Saturday 11 June – Lewis Benzies

If you were lucky enough to have been here on the 21st May when the wonderful Elaine Quartet performed for us, you will have remembered the wonderful bass player, Lewis Benzies. He was so fantastic that we have asked him to return for an evening on the 11th June with two other fantastic Jazz musicians! Born in Aberdeenshire, Lewis has a background in Jazz and is also a composer. Come along to hear him for yourself! Click on the link below for further details on Lewis.

Saturday 18 June – Elaine Crighton Quartet

It will have been one month since the fabulous Elaine and her quartet performed in The Coffee House and in our opinion that is far too long a time! An evening with Elaine is never a disappointment, especially if you are a big fan of jazz. Her soothing, yet sassy voice never fails to capture the jazz classics such as ‘black coffee’ and ‘mean to me’. Come along to relax, revive and recharge! You will not be disappointed!

Saturday 25 June – Latin Dance Night

It will be the last weekend of June and hopefully will be the start of Aberdeen’s short but sweet Summer! What better way to celebrate than to have a Latin party at The Coffee House from 8.30 till midnight! Cocktails will be served and if the weather proves to be nice we can open the doors and transport us to somewhere exotic, far away from Aberdeen!


Latin Tuesdays at The Coffee House

For the past month we have hosted a fabulous Latin night every Tuesday evening. The evening starts with a set of 3 classes in preparation for the social later that evening! Anyone who is wanting to wind down in the middle of the week enjoys the relaxed, exotic atmosphere filled with Latin music, a selection of Summer cocktails and of course, Latin dancing! Why not come along and find out for yourself?!


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May at The Coffee House

During the month of May we saw the first glimses of Summer, and here at The Coffee House we celebrated by hosting a series of events. Every Friday the fantastic Scott Wallace joined us with various special guests including Blair Chisholm and Doreen Devore who performed some beautiful acoustic music. Our Saturdays were full with different themed nights. The first week Elphinstone Fiddlers performed some traditional Scottish music, whilst the second week took a different turn as we hosted a Diva night! We were beyond excited as The Elaine Crighton quartet returned for an evening of sweet jazz on the 21st May. Join us for the last week of May as Adam Usmani returns to fill The Coffee House with some jazz and blues music, ending our month of May on a high note!



Saturday 7 May – Elphinstone Fiddlers

On the 7 May The Coffee House welcomed The Elphinstone Fiddlers who joined us for an evening of traditional Scottish music. The Coffee House was packed and the audience were not afraid to clap along to the catchy and vibrant music performed by the group. If you want to hear more of them keep checking this page and check out their facebook page below:


Saturday 14 May – Diva Night

Niall Ford and Andy Kennedy were joined by the diva, Lauren Fekete who took the stage to perform a number of classics such as ‘Fever’, ‘RESPECT’, ‘I will survive’ and many more undeniable diva numbers. An appearance was made by Anna Dowling-Clarke who stirred up the night with a rendition of Bizet’s Habanera and the old time classic ‘Dream a little dream of me.’ Keep an eye out for these Divas as they will certainly make another appearance soon in The Coffee House.

Saturday 21 May – Elaine Crighton Quartet

Last Saturday the wonderful Elaine Crighton and her quartet returned for an evening of saxy, sassy, swinging Jazz. The Coffee House was instantly transported from Gaelic Lane to the streets of Paris in the 30s. The quartet performed various classic numbers such as ‘Black coffee’, ‘Mean to me’ and ‘Misty’. Expect to hear about Elaine Crighton in the near future as she is sure to return to The Coffee House very soon!

Saturday 28 May – Adam Usmani

Adam Usmani is returning for a night of Jazz and Blues at The Coffee House. If you have ever been to one of his gigs before you will know how great the music is that he performs. The ‘King of the Keys’ sure knows how to create a dynamic and unforgettable atmosphere. If you want to know what all the fuss is about join us on the 28 May from 8.30 till midnight. You will certainly be impressed! Check out his page below to find out more about the music he performs.



Friday Nights at The Coffee House

Every Friday we host a live music night and the likes of the fantastic Scott Wallace and Blair Chisholm join us to serenade The Coffee House with a selection of live acoustic music. As you sit amongst candles, enjoy a cocktail and get lost in the relaxing music the stress of the week before is soon forgotten. Our Friday evenings begin at 8.30pm and end at midnight. Why not come along and find out what it is like for yourself!


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April at The Coffee House

The month of April has come to an end and what a time it’s been for The Coffee House! We were so excited to welcome various new performers and new music genres for our Saturday evenings. Keep reading to see what all the fuss is about!



Saturday 2 April – Jazz, Blues and Grooves

On Saturday 2 April the wonderful Usmani Collective and Jazz singer Christina Ioannidi joined us for an evening of Jazz, Blues and Grooves. It felt like we had been transported from a typical rainy Aberdeen evening to a warm summer evening in New Orleans as they serenaded us with that old time classic ‘Summertime’. Keep an eye out for the Usmani Collective on this website and our Facebook page who will be joining us once every month!

Saturday 9 April – Ritmos Latinos class

There was a change of scene as Tudor Balan turned up the heat with a Ritmos Latinos class on Saturday 9 April. The evening also included homemade paella and toritilla made by the wonderful Alvaro and Ana! It was so successful that we decided to host Latinos dance classes every Tuesday evening. If you missed this night, don’t worry! Join us every Tuesday to get into the Summer spirit from 6.30pm to 11pm!

Saturday 16 April – Blues and a splash of Jazz

The Usmani Collective serenaded us again with Jazz and Blues classics. The two fabulous singers Lauren Fekete and Ana Garcia Diaz took us on a journey through the relationship between Jazz and Blues music. Originating from New Orleans in the 19th and 20th century Jazz gained it’s roots from Blues music and became one of the most dominant music genres during the first half of the 20th century. Jazz classics included ‘Blue Moon’, and ‘Cest si Bon’ whilst Blues included Lauren’s take on ‘St James Infirmary’.

Saturday 23 April – Jazz with Elaine Crighton Quartet

It was the first time that Elaine Crighton and the rest of her quartet joined us for an evening of Jazz! The smooth Jazz, cocktails and audience created an unforgettable atmosphere! If you want to relive this evening or see what all the excitement is about join us on 21 May as they make a well wanted return!

Saturday 30 April – Adam Usmani Jazz and Razz night

Our fantastic King of the Keys, Adam Usmani set a relaxed atmosphere with singer Lauren Fekete as they guided us through some of the Jazz and Blues classics such ‘Autumn Leaves’, ‘Why don’t you do right’ and ‘bad to the bone’. The last day of April ended on a fantastic note! Keep posted for our events for the month of May!

Friday Night Pictures – 22/01/2016

Friday Night Pictures – 22/01/2016

A ‘Hidden Gem in the Granite City,’ the Coffee House serves to be one of the best places to meet with friends, escape the hustle and bustle of the city and as of late to become absorbed in the various music that Aberdeen has to offer.

Join us on a Friday evening for our open mic session whilst enjoying our selection of cocktails and other various drinks.